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Satisfy your sweet craving with our delicious assortment of Dates and Walnut Cakes, Cookies, Pastries, Muffins, Chocolates, and more.

About Us

We are a bakery store established in the year 1991 by Chef Neerja Khurana. Since then we have been working really hard to build Luckys Bakery into an eatery that is not only dedicated to the bakery business but also towards delivering a wholesome experience to its consumers. Luckys Bakery was converted into a Private Limited Company in 2011 under the name of Luckys Bakery Private Limited. We are one of the most distinguished Bakers and Confectioners offering a comprehensive range of healthy and hygienic Bakery Products like Date & Walnut Cake, All types of Dry Cakes, Cookies & other various types of delicious snacks, pastries & cream cakes.

Lucky Bakery Private Limited: The Journey

Our bakery products represent the epitome of great taste, freshness and health. These products are made at our own bakery production unit which has all the facilities to ensure timely and bulk production of different confectionery and bakery items. We pay maximum attention to hygiene and cleanliness hence ensuring that the production unit is free of contaminants. Our items are easily digestible and made using fresh and healthy ingredients. We strongly believe in offering the best products and pleasing our clientele through quality production therefore ensuring total customer satisfaction. Our clientele includes noted names from the hospitality and entertainment industries like Fun Cinemas, Cinemax India, Haryana Tourism and Taj Ambassador.

Our company’s history has been driven by innovation. We are known for our amazing taste, exquisite decorations and high quality standards of production. Our aim has been to constantly improve the quality of our products by developing a more effective production process. In 2009, the Khurana family patented the ‘Date and Walnut cake’, which was followed by a fully automated production process in 2011. Today, a highly modern production process is followed by us. It involves working on a high performance production line for about 16 hours per day in 2 shifts for 6 days a week and has contributed to a steady growth of Luckys Bakery in the Indian market.

In the year 2013, another benchmark was achieved by Luckys Bakery Pvt. Ltd. This was the establishment of Luckys family restaurant shop. It is strategically located in the heart of the historical city of Karnal and has several loyal customers. It is a happy hunting ground for those who relish scrumptious meals, offering a great ambiance, amazingly delicious food and special arrangements for families. The restaurant offers different types of luscious dishes prepared by our master chefs. These chefs possess great culinary skills and prepare food in a clean and healthy environment. The kitchen here is very well equipped with modern facilities and is capable of handling bulk orders at a time. Our menu extensively comprises of mouth-watering starters, delicious meals and tempting desserts.

One such dish is our patented ‘Date and Walnut cake’. Our cake meets the highest quality standards making it the ideal choice for food service and also our best selling product. This sinfully delicious product was started back in the early 90s by our very own owner, Chef Neerja Khurana. Dates and walnuts on the outside and loaded with cocoa on the inside, this eggless cake is every chocolate lover’s guilty pleasure. When you try Luckys Bakery, the 'Dates and Walnut cake’ is something you can’t afford to miss.

From Bakers' Oven

We at Luckys Bakery have proudly continued the tradition of offering fresh and healthy bakery products, for more than two decades now. These products are prepared using fresh and hygienic raw ingredients. Bakeries and confectioneries offered by us have a delightful taste, refreshing aroma and a distinct crunching sound.  We fancy surprising our customers with a cake and cookies experience that is novel and impossible to found anywhere else.

With natural ingredients and exceptional taste and texture, Luckys Bakery’s unique dry cakes and cookies are the ideal choice for food service and retail throughout North India. We have cakes ranging from sizes small to XL and in a variety of shapes. The following characteristics make you enjoy a high quality cake from Luckys Bakery:

  • Authentic with great taste and an irresistible freshly bakes aroma
  • A healthy alternative with a high level of nutritional fibers, cholesterol-free and without added fats
  • No added preservatives, additives or food coloring
  • All our products are 100% natural
  • A great shelf life (approximately 17 days)

Bakery Production Unit

Our bakery has a modern and sophisticated production unit which has all the latest facilities. Managed by a team of competent staff having years of experience in baking delicious confectionery items, our production unit is capable of undertaking bulk production of items.

Our Team: The Ingredients that go into a Great Dish!

The alluring taste of the bakery products offered by us is mainly due to our chefs with exceptional culinary skills. We have a dedicated and experienced workforce which is committed to prepare the best and tastiest bakery products. These guys are the most important clogs in our well-oiled machine. They include:

  • Chefs with unmatched culinary skills
  • Bakers and confectioners
  • Connoisseurs to help us improvise on our menu
  • Sales and marketing staff

Our Products

  • All Types of Puff
  • All Types of Bun
  • Variety of Healthy & Hygienic Snacks
  • Different types of Cookies
  • All Types of Dry Cakes & Muffins
  • All types of Cream cakes with beautiful designs
  • All types of pastries
  • Egg free Date & Walnut Cake
  • All types of hot & cold drinks with delicious flavor

Quality Assurance

Our quality control department monitors the quality of bakery products that are processed in our production unit. We emphasis on baking the products in a clean, hygienic and healthy environment to ensure freshness and purity. We only use fresh raw ingredients in the baking process to ascertain that our items area per the high industry standards. Fresh dough prepared from pure flour, dry fruits, hygienic cooking oil and other ingredients is used in baking.

We constantly monitor the quality and purity of all the food that is prepared at our restaurant. A team of experienced chefs prepare the food items which are delivered in our own unique style. Quality food is supplemented by great service and hospitality. Our primary goal is ensuring that every customer gets whatever he/she desires. Our organization has adopted ethical and sensible business practices to reach out to our customers. Our objective is to further expand our customer base across India.